Since 2003 TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. courses are designed solely with the adult learner in mind. Our educational instruction provide foster parents with a thorough understanding of the material, so that they are able to tackle problems in the real world. We want our learners to keep an open mind, and have fun throughout their experience at TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc..

January 3, 2018

Being a day one provider with no strings attached, no previous knowledge, anticipating the bond between you and a child is a gift. This part comes the moment you sign the dotted line to take on the communities most vulnerable children and their families. A commitment t...

January 1, 2018

Friendship skills are at the root of all relationships children create.  We often think of manners and consideration but we dismiss the social essentials, what does it take to make friends.

Friendship competence can be built in children of all ages, and backgrounds with...

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