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Committed To Excellence

Being a day one provider with no strings attached, no previous knowledge, anticipating the bond between you and a child is a gift. This part comes the moment you sign the dotted line to take on the communities most vulnerable children and their families. A commitment to excellence is implied and the ability to foster the child in a nurturing and committed environment is a task that is second to none. Even with the perfect heart, environment and intentions there may be a few bumps in the road. What is the game plan when all checks and balances have been put in place and even the best of plans need a back up plan?

Here are a few strategies to making the connection:

  • Anticipate a positive outcome: Even in the worst of cases, children can feel your reservations. They watch body language, listen to cues and are amazingly intuitive.

  • Every child needs someone who is crazy about him/her - This is such an important quote for us to remember! It is important for every child to have someone who is crazy about him/her! We want to be the person in our child’s life who makes him/her feel loved and special. The person that he/she can always count on, just like the special person in our life that we just talked about.

  • Encourage children to engage:

  1. Get your child’s attention.

  2. Be specific.

  3. Keep it simple—avoid combining encouragement with criticism.

  4. Encourage with enthusiasm!

  5. Double the impact with physical warmth.

  6. Encourage your child in front of others.

Most importantly have fun! You have embarked on an important and fulfilling commitment, for everyone involved embrace and enjoy!


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