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When Life Gives You Lemons Go TOCLASS

Everyone is planning for the big day! The day when your community may face a quarantine….it has me always in a frame of mind of, "when given lemons, make lemonade". In early care we are in the business of making the best of our direct situation. In these times you could complain, throw a fit, sleep, binge watch television or you can put your 168 hours a week to good use.

Just think your credential criteria is only 28 of these hours! Hmmm.. now does that make sense? Through our online portal you can get started immediately. The staff at TIPS have always had a group of work from home instructors. They can provide daily support through your journey and guess what? In a week you could be hours away from the credential you have been putting off for months and sometimes years (you know who you are) LOL we are just kidding. But seriously why not take this time to embark upon a goal that will impact your life later.

To get started just visit to the calendar where you will see the calendar. Start planning today, register for the time/date and a confirmation with the course link will come to you.


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